Andrew Bucksbarg


These pieces explore reclaimed wood from barns, sheds, discarded furniture and the wood shop floor or wood abandoned in garages and basements. The simple forms of the boards, often just a “slice” that is “copied and pasted,” are meant to allow the detail of the wood grain, the age and the raw process of reclamation to reveal a story. Many of the panels incorporate details from the former utility of the wood, such as paint from a barn, a dowel from a table, a metal keyhole from a dresser or a random nail. I have been adding paint for color and thinking about the work in terms of painting as well creating an opportunity to make use of even smaller pieces. The strips and pieces are as "pixels," which can be composed on the surface offering the possibility of pattern or abstract, but somewhat representational forms. Creating value in reclaiming resources through the production of art is a practice of seeing the forest for the trees and appreciating the years in the wood grain of the tree rings.

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