Becky Rotter

I enjoy making unique, yet functional dishware and serving pieces. I hand throw or construct each piece myself, employing no outside help. After throwing and trimming each piece, usually made of porcelain, I spend an ever-greater amount of time decorating the pieces with mason-stained porcelain slip in various free-hand designs. A clear glaze is applied over bisque-ware, then high-fired to cone 6. This makes my work truly labor intensive. I'm inspired by nature, satisfied by form, passionate about color. I have a "dream" job. I set my own goals, my own hours, and chart my own career course. There is a tremendous amount of freedom and fulfillment. It's very important to me to create work that people will love using in our human ritual of "dining". I hope my work enhances my customers' enjoyment of special gatherings in their lives, connecting them with family and friends.

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