Donna Sauers

My introduction to working with hot glass was the year I was given a glassblowing workshop for Christmas. I didn't know it at the time, but it was also the event that would eventually lead me to a career change. You could call it serendipity that I was introduced to an artist who taught lampworking and I found it was a way to create tiny glass gems out of my home studio and that led to designing jewelry and creating my line that I sell through fine art shows and galleries. Working with the hot glass is one of my favorite parts of the design process and to me it is mesmerizing watching a rod of glass melt in the torch. I primarily work in shape and color because I love the pure color of the glass.You will also find my signature hand-formed glass leaves in just about every design. I approach my pieces as I would a painting combining different beads and elements to create depth and light. Each piece has a multitude of semi-precious gems that are wire-worked throughout the piece to provide movement and interest. I look forward to teaching at Water Street especially since some of the artists there are the ones responsible for started me on my journey.

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