Elyia Moss

I define the final form of my artwork as ‘digital painting’- painting without the restrictions of the physical medium of paint. Using a Cintiq monitor that allows me to draw on a screen, I have the freedom of virtual format, billions of colors and instant digital editing that reduces the processing between my ideas and an image. However, every piece starts as dozens of sketches and paper drawings. As an animation student and a lifelong sketchbook hoarder, I have a great deal of passion for combining the techniques of visceral mediums like charcoal and ink, and traditional subjects like the human form with modern technology and ideas. I have a particular love for complementary color pallets and strong lines, drawing influence everywhere from work of 19th century figure-painters, to classic rock album covers to the concept sketches of famous animation artists. I try to develop images that can both tell a narrative and be open for interpretation.

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