Kate Tillman

I've always been intrigued by texture and quiet, eerie scenes. My work is very much about the process of making a piece and the enjoyment of the physical manipulation I use to create a finished work.

My metal, liquid emulsion (silver gelatin) pieces use the same love of textural exploration to create spaces for subject matter to possess. I am able to manipulate some of the rust to frame and accent the image. I use liquid emulsion as a medium because the outcome of each image has many variables, even if printed from the same negative.

My newest work with liquid emulsion takes a look at singular objects, each having quietness about them. These images include landscapes, images from beach life, along with my love of images from the country. All of these images represent places that I view as peaceful and represent quiet in my life.

A brief description of my process:

- I photograph subjects using medium format film
- I prepare steel plates for printing by sanding the steel, laying polyurethane, and sanding dried polyurethane to create a texture for the silver gelatin to adhere to.
- I wash and dry the steel plates, take them to the darkroom.
- In the darkroom I coat the plates with 2 layers of silver gelatin, once dry, they are ready to print.
- I use negatives to enlarge and print on the plates, as if they were photographic paper.
- Each plate is processed with chemicals, developer and fixer, very similar to black and white photo paper.
- Once I have my image printed on steel, I am able to lay the plate onto my hand made frames, where I pour a UV stable resin onto the plate.
- Each series is printed in limited editions of 25, signed, dated, and numbered on the back of the piece.

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