May Schulz-Reed

Finding My Niche’

After taking: drawing I and II, painting I and II, watercolors, jewelry, life drawing, textiles and weaving, ceramics I, II, sculpture, glassblowing, intaglio and relief, paper and bookmaking, and art history classes that never seemed to end, I found my Niche’ in stained glass!

I knew that I loved art and I wanted to work with art but just did not find the right medium. My drawings were not life like, my watercolors were “muddy”, my painting were not what wanted to see. So I continued to take art classes. I discovered stained glass quite by accident! While working in an art supply store I discovered stained glass and it has been my Niche, ever since.

I love using color, texture and form to create works of art. I especially like making windows for churches and chapels, they have such meaning to so many! I also do restorations, repairs and commission work.

So, if you love art, you love making things keep searching until you find YOUR Niche’. I found mine!

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