Robijo Burzynski

I believe that everyone’s an artist – you just have to find your medium!

I have found my medium in beads, and beadstitching is my passion. It’s what I would do all day and night…and sometimes I do. I love to create unique jewelry that is fun to wear with anything from jeans to special occasions.

My approach to jewelry design is clean, simple and elegant. I love geometric designs and especially like stitching that creates a three-dimensional effect. Balanced and beautiful jewelry intrigues me, and that’s what I strive for each time I create a new piece. My collection consists of pieces that are of my own design and many are one-of-a-kind. I typically design each piece as I go, so a piece can take anywhere from two hours to several days or more from design to finish.

I use high-quality Japanese seed and cylinder beads made of glass in all of my jewelry. That’s what makes my jewelry so light and comfortable to wear. Other materials used include Swarovski crystals and components and Czech fire polished beads.

I also design and stitch custom bridal and bridal party jewelry. Working with a bride to create something just for her on her special day is truly rewarding. My hope is that each piece becomes a treasured family heirloom. Each bridal piece is created to fit the bride’s personality, the design of her dress and the overall aesthetic of her wedding. The process begins with a personal consultation (ideally 3-6 months before the wedding) and includes a final fitting with the dress.

I hope you enjoy my collection!

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