Robin Maxon

I am a graphic designer by trade and an artist at heart. I wanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember. My family fostered my interest in art at a very young age keeping me well supplied with crayons, markers and paint. Bedroom and basement walls were among my early “canvases”. Eventually I studied art at Central Michigan University, then received my Commercial Art & Design degree in 1981. I worked as an art director for an ad agency, then as a newspaper staff artist before starting my own graphic design business in 1987.

Although I’ve dabbled with several different media along the way, the joy of watercolor took center stage after I attended a series of workshops. I became intrigued with the way watercolor interacts with the paper, the timing of applying paint with water, and the challenge of controlling (or not!) the medium to get different effects. I like learning new techniques and creating textures using tools other than a paintbrush. I also enjoy the level of planning that watercolor requires, although some decisions happen while the paint is flowing!

I paint a broad spectrum of subjects - whatever excites me at the moment becomes my next challenge. With my camera always handy, I attempt to capture the play of light and the nuances of color in something common, natural, or unexpected. I enjoy the process of creating a composition, sometimes using several images for one painting. My graphic design background has influenced my painting style to have an illustrative component with more emphasis on realism, although I incorporate abstract elements to keep it fun. Ultimately, I hope the viewer will share my appreciation for the beauty of these simple moments.

My husband Rick and I have lived in southwest Michigan for nearly 38 years and have 3 sons: Tyler, Evan and Dan. Each is pursuing their own interests in the arts, including music, fine art and theatre.

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