Stefanie Buysse

Art is my passion……, mixed media, photography. My heart is in it! Having the flexibility of my career as an independent interior designer I am able to integrate my talents into many artful avenues. Harmony, color, texture, balance, pattern and not to mention function. I seek the challenge to find those elements in each medium I work in. From my original metal art boards, which are not only functional but a one of a kind work of art, etched with nature. My mixed media canvas collages display my love of texture, color and painting. To my jewelry metalsmithing that allows me to stretch my art interests to a different level. From the pounding and manipulating of various metals to the forming and shaping of the PMC (precious metal clay), every detail is truly a work of art!

The desire to make something with my own two hands is the most rewarding talent that I have been blessed with and inspired by my mother who always told me “to follow my dreams.” I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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